Nipple Correction

Length of operation: 30 – 45 min
Type of Anaesthesia: Local
Length of stay in hospital: day case
Recovery time: on average, 14 days for full recovery.
Time off work: 2 – 3 days after operation

About inverted nipple surgery: The nipples are connected to the underlying breast tissue by means of tiny tubes called ducts. Nipple inversion occurs when these ducts are too short and pull the nipple inwards.  . An inverted nipple will look flat or like a slit like depression or hole where the nipple would normally be located. An inverted nipple correction surgical procedure aims to make a turned-in nipple protrude normally. It is also important for the surgeon to carefully examine the breast, as nipple inversion occurring over a short period of time can sometimes be a sign of an underlying cancer.

Suitable candidate:  Any one with an inverted nipple who might feel embarrassed about their appearance; where the inversion causes asymmetry or difficulty breast feeding.

Reasons not to go ahead:  ??????????

Pre op: The consultation with your surgeon will be your opportunity to discuss your expectations, learn about the surgery and ask queries or clarify any doubts you might have. The surgeon will perform an examination in order to be able to assess your individual needs and discuss the results in length with you.

On the day: If you decide to go ahead with the procedure, you will receive advice about what to do and what to avoid, prior to surgery. Following the operation, which will usually be a day case, the everted nipple is held in place with a dissolving suture, placed under the skin. A small dressing is applied which is removed the following day. Most patients are discharged either the same day or the following morning from the hospital.

Post op: Most patients are able to shower and change the dressing themselves at home. Dressings need to be kept dry and clean for one of two weeks after surgery. The patient will receive a complete list of postoperative care instructions before leaving the hospital including how to care for the surgical site including application of moisturising cream and massage to help the swelling and the bruising to settle, medications to take orally to aid healing and reduce the potential for infection, specific concerns to look for at the surgical site or in overall health.

Convalescence: You will feel slightly tired and sore for a few days. The breasts can be mildly bruised and swollen, which should resolve in a few days. There will be scars after the operation and they will be firm and pink for about a month and a half. They may even remain the same size for several months.

It is possible to do light activities for the first few days but it is not advisable to do any strenuous activity for the first week or so. On average, recovery will take a few days.

Risks and complications:  A small percentage of patients can have complications just like for any surgical procedure.
Infection – can be usually readily treated with an antibiotic.
Haematoma (blood clot under the skin) or bleeding – a re-visit to the operating theatre may be necessary.
Delayed healing of the wound – particularly true in case of diabetic patients or those who smoke. This needs to be discussed with the surgeon during the consultation stage.
Loss of sensation in the nipple – small possibility of this happening.

Effects of the procedure: Most patients are pleased with the results. In a small percentage of cases the inversion of the nipple can recur.