Consultation & Fees Guidance

Initial Consultation

This consultation consists of a detailed discussion of your medical issues, concerns and expectations. Mr Vaingankar will perform an appropriate clinical examination and will go through the various options available, including the proposed treatment and discuss risks and limitations, answering any questions or addressing any issues that are raised.

Further to the consultation, your GP will receive a letter from Mr Vaingankar outlining the procedure that was discussed during the consultation. A copy of this letter could be sent to you on request. Self pay patients will receive an all-inclusive quote from the hospital, which is referred to as a hospital ‘package price’. This quote normally includes the surgeon’s fees, the anaesthetist’s fees, the hospital stay and immediate post-operative care.

In case of any further questions, Mr Vaingankar is happy to arrange another consultation, at no additional charge.

If you decide to go ahead with the procedure, you can contact Mr Vaingankar’s secretary or the hospital directly to arrange a suitable date for the procedure.

Surgical Fees

If you are a  self-pay patient, the surgeon’s fees are included in your quote (hospital package price).

For procedures covered by health insurance, Mr Vaingankar practices within the fee guidelines of most major health insurance companies, who will be invoiced for your consultation and procedure. If you, as a patient, are responsible for settling any outstanding costs such as an excess on the policy, a separate invoice for this amount will be sent directly to you. You are advised to check this excess with the insurance company beforehand.

Most cosmetic procedures are not covered by health insurance companies.